Henna Maria Vermeulen

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

My Videos

Natural Law and The Revival of Honour

Ceremony VS Psychiatry -
Live Presentation, The Greater Reset 2023

What Is Your Calling?

Animals, Our Kin

This Is How The Freedom Movement Gets

How To Minimise The Risk Of Violence
In Police Encounters

The Transpersonal Trivium - Live Presentation,
Anarchapulco 2022

My message to the vaccinated

What is left for us to do?

Esoteric Principles For Healing Humanity -
Presentation at The Event 2021

The Nature Of Freedom - Part 1: Is Democracy A Trap?

Stepping Out of the Chessboard -
Presentation at Anarchovid 2021

The Harsh Truth - Why So Many Refuse To See It

The Curse of Asymptomatic Transmission

The Ten Stages of Genocide

Voiceless Victims of The Covid Lockdowns

Symptoms of Tyranny

The End of The Mask Debate

The Psycho-Spiritual Effects of The “New Normality” On Our Children

Spanish State Stealing Children

(Finnish) - Police For Freedom March, Tampere, Finland, 30.10.21

Many of my videos have been banned and censored by YouTube. Please subscribe to my Odysee channel, which is uncensored.


The Nature of Medicine Part 1

The Nature of Medicine Part 2

Henna Maria - Big Picture Interview

The Spiritual Contracts That Enslave Us -
End of Slavery Summit 2022

The Moral Calamity Of Carnism -
Alfavedic Interview

The way back to humanity -
Free Observer Interview

Questioning Your Assumptions and Navigating the Spiritual Technocracy - Derrick Broze Interview

Controlled Op, War Strategies And Natural Law -
King Hero Interview

Activating Our Divine Will - Alfa Vedic Interview

Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future -
Symphony of Minds Interview

An update with Henna Maria -
Interview with Denby Sheather

Transhumanism & The Co-optation of the Vegan Movement - Presentation at The Worldwide Vegan Summit For Truth And Freedom

The State of Freedom in Spain -
The Anarchast Interview

Spain wakes up and fights for liberty -
KLA-TV Interview

Pete Evans interviews Henna Maria for the Evolve Podcast

Truth, Peace, Sacred Activism & Natural Law -
The Doctor E Show

Henna Maria & Tom Barnett -
The Big Virus Hoax

Separation from Nature and the Slavery of Humanity - Woke As F*ck Interview

The Harsh Truth -
Awakened Spirits Network Interview

Dawn Of Peace with Henna Maria -
Natural Freedom League

Where Do We Go From Here? -
Interview with Nightflight Podcast

(Finnish) - Valo Tulee Pohjolasta

Henna on The Music Station podcast

Police For Freedom - Wake Up And Unplug Interview

(Finnish) - Samuli perälä - Yhteiskunnan tila - Osa 1

(Finnish) - Samuli perälä - Yhteiskunnan tila - Osa 2

(Finnish) - Leveli 2 - Naisten Makasiini ft. Henna Maria

(Finnish) - Keskustelu Ossi Tiihosen kanssa

(Finnish) - Vapauden Puolesta

(Finnish) - Mikko Kemppe Podcast

Police For Freedom - Wake Up And Unplug Interview

Authentic  Podcast 

The Sacred Path of Truth
The Authentic Podcast with Mark Passio

Surviving Mind Control & Gaslighting
The Authentic Podcast with Ali Zeck

Real Medicine
The Authentic Podcast with Dr. Ben Tapper

New World Order
The Authentic Podcast with ENO

You can find many more of my Authentic Podcasts on Odysee & YouTube

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